Have you ever left something a hotel room or holiday lodge? I certainly have, although its usually a phone charger or toothbrush whilst hurrying to my next destination. Whilst we don't wish any of our lovely holidaying or hotel guests at our locations to forget anything, we take a look at some of the weirdest items left in hotel rooms across the world and some are unbelievable from a £50,000 Rolex, a Harry Potter Wand to a set of stamps worth £250,000!

1. A Goat

It may seem like an impossibly comedic occurrence, but this actually happened. To make it even better, the goat was dressed like Abraham Lincoln! The story behind this, apparently, was that it was left behind after a rather wild evening. I don’t know why the goat was invited, but he apparently wasn’t welcome to leave with the rest of the party.

2. A secret recipe

It doesn’t do much good to safeguard an old family recipe for five generations if someone’s just going to leave it at a hotel. Now the room service staff will have it, too! I know I’d copy it down if I were them.

3. A suitcase of prosthetic legs

Either someone was trying to become a human centipede, or there were a lot of very disappointed amputees at the doctor’s office the next day. Losing other people’s prosthetics would certainly be a huge mistake! Imagine explaining that one to your patients.


4.Taxidermy raccoon

I’ve heard of emotional support animals for anxious travelers, but I have never heard of dead emotional support animals. Apparently, the guy who left this strange object in his room was practically frantic when he called the hotel to get it back.


5. A mother-in-law

While some people would probably leave their mother-in-law at a hotel on purpose, leaving June in a Travelodge in Chadderton was not part of the plan. I’m sure the son-in-law in question had a lot of explaining to do when he got home!


6. Rolex Watch

Ironically this person must have been late to his train or journey back, as without his £50,000 Rolex he wouldn't have known the time.


7. Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potters wand was 11'' long, made of holly and possessed a phoenix feathercore. Harry obtained his wand from Ollivander, at a price of seven Galleons just before his first year at Hogwarts Schoold of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Looks like no more Expecto Patronums, or Patronus Charms for this Harry Potter fan.


8. Stamp Collection

Sounds boring at first but with an estimated retail value of £250,00 this was no normal stamp collection!