The weather may be getting a bit chillier, but this doesn’t mean that taking a holiday by the beach is completely off the cards. Previous research has found that taking a beach holiday has a greater impact on emotional wellbeing than any other form of holiday, but why else is taking a beach holiday so beneficial for you? Here are a few reasons why

Coastal air

Walking along the beach or a coastal path can be extremely beneficial to you for a number of reasons. The increase levels of oxygen in the air can help you feel rejuvenated, as well as the air benefitting your skin, muscles and organs.

A survey regarding stress found that the sight that relieved anxiety the most was the sight of the sea, with listening to the waves breaking on the shore also having a calming effect on people. Spending time on the beach has also been found to evoke childhood nostalgia, which helps you relax and reminisce of days gone by.

Day to day living can often be difficult, and quite often, we can become quite regimented in our day to day lives. Leading lifestyle coaches found that taking the time out for a beachside holiday can help you to reflect and re-evaluate your lives.

Frolicking in the sea  

Ok, we know the temperatures are starting to dip, and this will probably be more relevant during the warmer months (or for the more fearless amongst us!) but spending time in the sea is extremely beneficial to our health. Those who are looking to own a property in our Waterside holiday park are so close to the coast, and could benefit greatly from the power of nature.

Sea water dries out the skin, and with the salt acting as a natural exfoliate, your complexion will benefit from spending time in the water. With the temperature being slightly cooler in the sea, your blood circulation will increase, which in turn reduces water retention.

The silicon levels in the sea can leave the skin looking and feeling younger, and can help to tone. Iodine is also found in sea water, and can help promote hair growth, as well as giving it an added shine. Who needs a trip to the spa when you can have a dip in the ocean?

Spending time in the sea is great exercise, regardless of the activity you take part in. Swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, so you can keep fit without the added strain on your body that can come with some other activities.

Fresh produce

The sea provides us with bountiful delights of fish and seafood, which are great for the body. Fish and seafood contain the good types of fat, including omega-3, which is great for the heart. Many kinds of shellfish contain antioxidants, which can help to boost your immune system. With a range of wonderful restaurants taking advantage of all available on their doorstep, you will be spoilt for choice when you choose a holiday home in Suffolk!  

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