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Tingdene Lifestyle creates new Spotify Playlist - Coastal Classics

Nothing can get you in the holiday mood quite like music does. Hitting the road, roof down, escaping to the coast for a staycation break or visit to your second home with the stereo on full blast creates a soundscape of relaxation, fun, excitement and seaside memories of the summer (even if it is the winter). Tingdene Lifestyle has created a brand new playlist for you so you can hit shuffle and get in the seaside and summer mood! Let’s check it out…

Tingdene Lifestyle - Spotify Coastal Classics

Get transported to the summer with seaside memories of your holiday home or UK Staycation by just pressing play!

Whether you are on route to the coast for a relaxing break with your family and friends, having a BBQ at your holiday lodge or stuck at work, our new Coastal Classics playlist gives you the ethereal vibes of the seaside. So sit back shut your eyes and think of the coast!

Tingdene Lifestyle Coastal Spotify Playlist
Tingdene Lifestyle - Spotify Coastal Classics