One of our staff members here at Tingdene completed the Midnight Walk in aid of St Elizabeth's Hospice. Lynn McIntyre, a receptionist at Tingdene Broadlands Park & Marina, won the Shining Star award at this years awards ceremony and has proved yet again just how bright she can shine!


The Midnight Walk is St Elizabeth Hospice’s biggest and brightest night time walk bringing thousands of people from across Suffolk together to glow for it and make a difference to people in their local community.

Above: Lynn McIntyre (pictured right) ready for the midnight walk!

Above: Lynn McIntyre (pictured right) ready for the midnight walk!

Lynn said: "When my friend Anita suggested we do the Ipswich ‘Neon Midnight Walk’ I was immediately interested. Another good friend’s husband had recently been diagnosed with Cancer and I was devastated. A twelve mile sponsored walk would give me the chance to raise some money for St Elizabeth Hospice and I would walk for Arthur and all those suffering with Cancer and their families. Lots of family and friends were willing to support me and donate to such a worthy cause. I asked my manager Mr. Greg Doggett if he thought our company, Tingdene Lifestyle would support me. Greg in turn, approached our director Paul Spriggins who very kindly agreed to match anything I raised up to £150.00. I was so pleased. What a kind and generous gesture.

On the night, the atmosphere was electric, there was such a sense of camaraderie, a sense that we were ‘all in this together’. Two thousand five hundred people turned up, all in neon, painted faces and glow in the dark….well, everything! To be honest the walk itself was one of the hardest things I have ever done. At seven miles in and during a toilet break, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘I can’t go on with this’. My feet and legs were aching, my spirits at their lowest ebb. At that moment, a very strong feeling of determination came over me and I actually spoke these words out loud to my reflection ‘This isn’t going to kill you Lynn, you don’t have Cancer, KEEP WALKING!’ and I did. I walked 12 miles in 3 and ¾ hours, that’s 30,026 steps and I managed to raise £456.00!! I am so pleased that I got to that finish line, I just cannot tell you!

Over the Finish Line.jpg

To everyone who donated, family, friends, colleagues and Tingdene Directors I would like to say a very, very big thank you."