A large proportion of households and families in the UK share their lives with a beloved pet, and for many of us, that pet is a dog. Pets share all aspects of our lives, and going on a holiday is exciting, but, it is made even better when you get to bring your four-legged friend/s along with you too.

a dog laying down in one of Tingdene’s caravans.


Along with remembering what to pack, the directions to get to your destination and organising all members of the family, when we are holidaying with our dog, we need to also remember to think about what our pets may need during the journey to and from the destination, and what they may need while you are all there. This type of preparation makes your holiday with your pet much easier. So, here are some top tips on what to consider when bringing your dog along with you on holiday.


Planning and Preparation

It is important to check and double-check whether the accommodation you are thinking about booking, or have booked, welcomes pets. Here at Tingdene Lifestyle parks, we have a selection of options where your pets are sure to feel at home.


Pet Insurance and Health Care

While you are on holiday, it is important to be aware and know of the local vets within the area you are holidaying in and whether they accept admissions from non-registered customers. By doing this, you will know exactly where to go in the unfortunate event of your pet becoming unwell.


The Journey

Long car journeys can be a challenge for dogs, and like us, they will appreciate regular refreshments, the chance to go to the toilet and to stretch their legs. It is important to frequently stop throughout the journey to provide your pet with the opportunity to do just that. Ensure you have water and a bowl with you so you can offer them a drink and try not to feed them too much, before or during the journey, so to prevent any car sickness they may experience.


Like us, dogs must be transported safely and securely within the vehicle. Either use a crash-tested crate or a dog harness, both of which are available at a pet store.


The Stay

Bringing along your dog’s favourite toys, blankets and treats to give to your pet while you are in your accommodation, as this will make them feel much more comfortable in the new surroundings. The new smells and a new environment can cause your dog stress, so try to limit this by surrounding it with as much familiarity in smells and objects as possible.


Try not to leave your pet alone in the accommodation for long periods of time, as the unusualness of the place and the absence of owners will cause a considerable amount of distress.


Attractions, Activities and Eating Out

Long absences away from your pet can be avoided by researching which attractions, activities and restaurants are dog-friendly. There are a plethora of options so that you won’t be missing out on any fun and excitement during your holiday, and you will get to experience them with your pet too! Here are some Dog-Friendly Days Out in Lincolnshire to help you get your planning started. 


What attractions and activities will you visit and take part in during your holiday? We would love to hear your suggestions and favourite places via our social media channels!  If you fall in love with either Suffolk, Norfolk or Lincolnshire and are keen to return year after year, we have a range of holiday chalets for sale that are perfect for your family and your pets.