A recent report from the National Trust has found that taking a walk along the shore can result in increased feelings of wellbeing, as well as helping you sleep better!

The report found that strolling along the coast can result in walkers spending, on average, 47 minutes longer asleep.

The research was carried out as part of the National Trust’s Great British Walk campaign, which explores how walking along the coast impacts the wellbeing of people, and encourage more people to explore the British coastline.

Of the people surveyed, 83 per cent said that a coastal walk left them feeling calmer, 82 per cent said it made them feel happier, and 62 per cent felt a sense of escapism. These feelings result in you feeling more relaxed overall, which contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Many of the people surveyed under this research stated that they associated their walks with childhood memories, spending time with their family, and even the anticipation of going on holiday.

The coast offers a place to escape, offering a place where people can relax, boost their mind, and even sleep in longer! If you are looking for a place to take holidays on Suffolk coast in order to experience these feelings of wellbeing, why not take a look at our award winning holiday parks?


Photo courtesy of Ashley Dace, under Creative Commons