For many people, a holiday is the thing they most look forward to each year. It’s a chance to get away from it all, relax, eat, read, explore, or even be adventurous. But with a weak pound and concerns over security issues, not to mention the general hassles that come with a holiday abroad, buying a UK holiday home which you can use throughout the year is a popular alternative.

We’ve all heard the term staycation. Coined over a decade ago to describe the sudden rise in popularity of vacationing at home or close to home, many people probably thought it was a fad, but here we are in 2018 and it’s still going strong. The reasons for this are manifold, especially when comparing the benefits of buying a holiday home to a holiday abroad.

It’s no secret that holidays are getting more expensive. The EU referendum and subsequent slump in sterling has pushed the cost of holiday packages up – several reports towards the end of last year stated that the UK’s biggest holiday company, TUI, would put its prices up by an average 7pc in 2018.

The withdrawal or reluctance to visit previously popular destinations including Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and now possibly Cyprus as well, following the recent air strikes on Syria, has also increased demand in destinations such as Spain, pushing prices even higher.

That much-needed break can easily cost you two months’ wages or more, especially when you start adding in all the other items on your pre-holiday checklist: car hire, airport parking, insurance, spending money...

A holiday home, on the other hand, is an investment and can even generate an income. As fellow staycationers drive up the demand for holidays in the UK, you can earn money by offering it as a holiday let when you’re not enjoying your own breaks.



‘Subletting your UK Tingdene holiday home can achieve high yields and return on investment, plus it’s a great place to escape to and relax – so it’s more like check in and cheque out! We offer a fully managed letting scheme where holiday property owners can benefit from an all year-round bookings with high occupancy levels helped by a holiday sales management team, an onsite site team help and assist holiday guests, professional cleaning teams and quality linen. Monthly payments are made direct into your bank account accompanied with a clear and transparent statement. If you want to get away from the horror of check in, check out our holiday parks and income potential from our Holidays for Allseasons managed letting scheme.’ Benjamin Race – Group Sales & Marketing Manager -Tingdene Lifestyle

In general, people take their annual holiday in the summer and that’s it for the rest of the year. Imagine getting that holiday feeling throughout the year as you escape to your holiday home at the drop of a hat, experiencing the changing seasons and all they have to offer in your chosen location. And when it comes to locations, it doesn’t get much better that the Broads National Park and north Norfolk.

‘It’s all about freedom. Our carefully chosen locations are perfectly placed for the perfect lifestyle pace. Seaside, countryside or riverside. It’s somewhere to do the things you thought you didn’t have time to do, like simply strolling on a beach, or wandering country lanes. Somewhere to walk the dog by the water or strike out for some more determined exploring. With a wide range of holiday parks situated across the country, you will be able to find a holiday home located in some of the finest locations the UK has to offer. In East Anglia two parks benefit from some recently released plots which include Broadlands Park & Marina at the heart of the Broads National Park in Oulton Broad offering lodges, villas & modern caravans plus we have Rainbows End on the North Norfolk Coast benefiting from direct beach access on a more relaxed development where you can explore the Norfolk Broads and North Norfolk coastline.’ Benjamin Race – Group Sales & Marketing Manager -Tingdene Lifestyle

There’s so much that goes into a holiday abroad, from hours spent trawling the internet for the best holiday deals, renewing passports, keeping on top of all the paperwork, travelling to the airport, the all-important but time-consuming security checks at the airport, waiting around to be called to the gate (and spending more money on duty free), hours on a cramped plane, all before you even arrive at your holiday destination.

In other words, it’s a whole load of stress – the exact opposite of what a holiday is all about. With a holiday home, it’s just a matter of loading up the car and off you go.

For more information on holiday home opportunities in Norfolk and north Suffolk, visit or call 0800 270 7722.

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