Income from a leasehold holiday property at the coast can be significantly higher than returns from other property investments.

Desirable tax breaks add to the appeal of holiday-home ownership – at a time when the Government is slashing tax reliefs associated with other property investments, such as buy-to-let it seems that the buy-to-let boom shifts into holiday lets.

 'We are seeing a massive shift towards people who would have previously had money sat in the bank or invested in a buy-to-let freehold, residential, terraced house as an example shift towards investing in a seaside holiday let for many reasons. Tingdene offer guaranteed finance and many parks have 12 month holiday occupancies enabling owners to let their property all year round either privately or through the parks managed letting scheme. R.O.I figures are exceptionally good as the initial purchase cost of a leasehold holiday property is far less than a freehold cottage as an example. Some owners are receiving an income of up to 15-20k per annum before costs.' - says Benjamin Race UK Group marketing and sales manager for Tingdene Lifestyle