With everyone looking for the 'next big' investment, we look at why investing in a holiday property with added lifestyle benefits for you and your family makes more sense than giving it to your bank manager, a crowd funding property scheme or the latest hairdryer design with no patents pending.

With the condition of many banks capital piles, this could have sobering effects on many boards enthusiasm to deliver rip roaring dividends. Also looking at figures from Savings International the average annual interest rate in 2008 was 5.09% down to 2.80% in 2012 and last year was as low as 1.40%. In the old days it always seemed the sensible thing to leave your money in the bank but is really the best thing to do? 

Investing in a leasehold holiday property gives fantastic R.O.I (return on investment) and gains you a host of lifestyle benefits to boot. 

Interesting Property fact! - Did you know that since Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952, despite the cycles of boom and bust, UK property prices have risen 250% over and above the general rate of inflation.

Case Study - Holiday Homes by Tingdene in Suffolk

On paper, R.O.I could not be simpler. To calculate it, you simply take the gain of an investment, subtract the cost of the investment, and divide the total by the cost of the investment. Or:

ROI = (Gains – Cost)/Cost

£13,341.91 ( annual income after all commission & cleaning charges/ £90,000 (typical Tingdene Holiday Home example in Oulton Broad,Suffolk on a 125 year lease)  x 100 = 14.82% 

Rounding down to 14% that is still a good 12% higher than some banks are offering. If that wasn't enough having a place to escape to with your family, your very own second home close to Southwold, a place to spend spend time with children, grandchildren, a place to explore the Broads National park by water, a place to indulge in luxury spas and leisure clubs makes sense for a sound investment in your lifestyle and finances. 

Above: Gain access to multiple leisure clubs with your holiday home investment

Below: Artists impression of a new 2 bedroom holiday home in Suffolk - 22 new plots just released at Tingdene Broadlands, Oulton Broad.

Below: Visit nearby Southwold on the Suffolk coast, discover the famous Pier, beach huts, Adnams store, cafe and factory tours. 

Above and below: Pump up your property portfolio with a holiday home and access to multiple gyms and leisure clubs, if that seems like hard work ...just relax in the pool or sauna.