As winter sets in, the golden leaves have fallen from the trees, the nights are drawing in earlier and there is a frost on the ground in the mornings. We begin to cast our mind towards preparing for the festivities ahead, such as buying presents, arranging meetings with friends and family and the work Christmas party. For many people, Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a holiday and relax into the season with their family, and what better way to do this than with a staycation?

A snowman on a Christmas tree.

For children, it can feel as though they have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of Christmas Day all year, and it’ll be no different during your stay at our holiday park. It’ll come as no surprise to parents that a lie in is not guaranteed just because you’re on holiday on the special day. It’s likely that children will be even more energetic and they may even be up earlier than usual! Typically, where ever they are and at whatever age, the excitement of Christmas Day is hard to ignore and usually results in an early start for all the family. If they’re old enough, get them to treat you to a Christmas Day cup of tea in bed, to gain yourselves a few more precious minutes in bed. But, once you’re up, Christmas has officially begun!


Whether you open your presents before breakfast, or after. A good meal to start the day is part of the festivities. Whether you have smoked salmon and egg on toast or a bowl of cereal, make sure its special. There aren’t many differences to breakfast and present opening in your holiday home. The family can all sit around a table to enjoy the first meal of the day and will have a comfortable living room where they can open their gifts! 


Part of what makes Christmas so special is the twinkling lights, trees, garlands and wreaths. Make your holiday home even more inviting by bringing some simple decorations along with you. A small Christmas tree and some decorations can go a long way into making your accommodation more festive, especially if you have children, and of course, Father Christmas needs somewhere to put the presents! It won’t take up too much room in the car and will give the perfect ambience for Christmas Day.

A small portable speaker will also contribute to your festivities, with Christmas jingles playing in the background as the day goes by, you are sure to embrace the festive spirit.


Our holiday parks are situated in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK. After breakfast has been eaten and the presents have been opened, a walk to stretch the legs and get some fresh air is a great past time for the family. You get to explore a new place, let the kids burn off some of the extra energy they have as well as enjoying breath-taking scenery and memorable times with your loved ones.

Cooking a Christmas dinner in a holiday home is no different to being at home. You can make it as simple as your Sunday roast or as elaborate as a carvery! With kitchens with all the equipment you will require, you’ll be cooking up a feast in no time.

And relax… The Christmas dinner is served, the children are clearing up and you can all put your feet up, enjoy your gifts and watch a classic Christmas movie or play a game of cards or a board game!

How do you spend your Christmas Day when you are enjoying a staycation at our holiday lodges for sale? We would love to hear about what you have planned or what you would recommend via our social media channels!