A Testimonial for north denes

We asked proud owners J.J and Kitty why they brought their holiday home to us.


How long have you been here at North Denes Park?

We've been here for 3 years; we moved our caravan from Seashore Holiday Park in Caister.

Tell us why you came to North Denes Park?

Seashore is too busy. It catered mainly for families and you could never get any peace. Here, it is nice and quiet. There's a great community and the staff are lovely! The location of the park is great for accessing the local area.

What's your favourite place in the local area?

We love Gorleston! I love the seafront where the boating pond is in particular. We also like South Beach in Lowestoft.

What would you say to caravan owners who are thinking of coming to North Denes?

Do it! It's lovely; the people here are great and so are the staff! You can take the dogs for a lovely walk on the front too.