Responsible Lending Statement


At Tingdene Holiday Parks we are committed to lending to our owners responsibly so that you can invest in your new holiday home with the confidence that you can afford it.

We have a responsibility to you and that is to be open and honest and to treat you fairly throughout the purchase of your holiday home and providing you with any finance. Before we lend you the money to purchase your holiday home we want to be certain that you can afford to pay for it.  This means that you have peace of mind that you can enjoy your new property and we have peace of mind that you can afford your borrowing over the whole term of the loan.

Things to consider:
-  Can you afford the borrowing?  Have you completed an income and expenditure analysis on the Affordability Form?
-  Employment situation changes; redundancy, reduction in hours, maternity or paternity leave, retirement?
-  Interest rate rises?
-  Increased living costs?

Our commitment to you:
-  To gather enough information to help us decide if you can afford the borrowing for the whole term and your ability to make all of the   payments.
-  Provide you with clear information on the cost of your borrowing, fees charged and our terms and conditions.
-  Prompt handling of any queries or complaints that you may have.
-  Treat your personal information confidentially and in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.
-  Considerate treatment of payment issues and arrears.
-  Provide you with regular statements.
-  Inform you of any changes, in writing, to interest rates and/or terms and conditions.

What we ask of you:
-  To provide accurate information on your application.
-  To regularly assess your borrowing and other financial commitments and to advise us of any changes so that we can help.
-  To understand the terms and conditions on which the money is borrowed.

Deciding not to lend to you:
If, after doing our investigations, we decide not to lend to you, we will communicate this to you in writing with our reason(s).

Credit licence number (CCL: 628949)