the key benefits of our managed letting scheme

  • Earn an income to help offset your annual running costs.

  • Hoseasons market holidays that incorporate campaigns on TV, brochures, national press and online media. Online bookings via the Hoseasons website,call centres, associated agents and at the park direct.

  • On-park operational management and professional cleaning team (including linen changing).

  • 12 months of the year bookings.

"Working with Tingdene as their letting partner over the last few years has generated around £2.7 million of holiday revenue enabling around 7685 families to enjoy a UK holiday/’Stay-cation’at one of their parks."

Account Manager - Hoseasons

The UK holiday industry has enjoyed something of a resurgence over the past decade, especially within the past four years. Being the UK’s largest provider of self-catering accommodation, we at Hoseasons can see this trend going from strength to strength with top quality products commanding high rental tariff and generating superb occupancy levels across the whole of the year.

Head of Business Development - Hoseasons

you Questions Answered

Q1. What are the associated costs of enrolling my property into the letting scheme?

There is an initial enrolment fee of £120 (unless you have been previously enrolled which entitles you to a discount of £60). You will also be required to provide enough inventory items for the number of guests which your property is designed for, which may require you to purchase extra mugs, glasses, plates, cutlery items etc.

Q2. Will I be able to use my property?

Of course! You and your family and friends are able to use your Holiday Home. All we ask is that you provide the park with your specific dates on the ‘Availability Form’ enclosed with the Rental Terms, so that we don’t book it out over the same period.

Q3. Do I have to accept Hoseasons bookings?

Yes. Hoseasons have a very high demand for Holiday Accommodation. We would like to encourage as many guests as possible to stay at the park. Hoseasons are the biggest providers of Accommodation in the UK and are able to provide bookings to our accommodation stock all year round.

Q4. Do I have to accept pets into my Holiday Home?

Not at all. Acceptance remains at your decision, although this could assist with encouraging more bookings.

Q5. Do I need to adjust my current insurance policy to enable me to let through you?

Yes. You need to inform your insurer that you will be letting the Holiday Home to guests; you will be required to provide us with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum £2million). You will also need to ensure you have an annual fixed electrical certificate and your appliances will need to be PAT tested.

Q6. How much money will I earn?

This will vary from month to month, however your monthly owner statement will show clear and transparent figures and calculations. We can advise you on lots of little extras that will encourage repeat bookings and extra income and we will endeavour to book your Holiday Home as much as it’s available to us.

Q7. How much do you charge from the original booking amount?

We deduct 22% commission from the monies paid to us, this may be via direct bookings or bookings provided by our agents. We are unable to control many of the discount schemes offered to guests by agents. Whilst they advertise a brochure booking price, this price is often subject to discounts. The cleaning and laundry charge is deducted and the remaining amount is paid to you.

Q8. Can I clean the property myself?

Unfortunately we are unable to allow this due to company requirements to check and enforce our own cleanliness and safety standards. We will arrange for your Holiday Home to be cleaned after each booking.

Q9. Will I know what bookings I have?

We will provide you with a monthly statement which will detail the bookings that have been allocated to your property, but we cannot provide you with detailed information of the booked guests. However, most parks will be able to provide you with an overview of how your property is performing and if you could take steps to improve your properties performance.

Q10. Am I able to save the Rental Income on my account to cover my annual fees?

Yes, we will send you your Rental Income Statement and allocate funds to your account. At the end of the year we will pay you the remainder of the income, or if you wish you can carry it over to pay the next years fees. (The amount of lettings needed to offset you running costs will vary from park to park and year to year depending on annual running costs and income received.)

Q11. What happens if something gets broken whilst guests are holidaying in my property?

It is likely that there will be minor breakages and replacements required which we put down to ‘wear and tear’, these will be charged to your account. Any major breakages can be claimed via your contents insurance.

Q12. Do I need a TV Licence?

Yes you will need a separate TV licence. It is not unusual for licence detection to take place on holiday parks, as such you should ensure that we hold a copy of your licence on file at all times.

Q13. What do I need to do to comply with Health & Safety Requirements?

You will need to provide the following items:

  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Smoke alarms (upstairs and downstairs if your property has an upper floor)
  • Torch
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover (minimum £2million)
  • Fixed Electrical Test Certificate
  • PAT Test Certificate
  • Your furniture should comply with the furnishing fire regulations

Q14. If I change my mind about joining, how can I let you know?

You should write to us informing us that you wish to cancel the agreement. We require a minimum of six weeks notice to enable us to reallocate bookings.