It’s National Apple Day!

In the UK there’s an annual even that gains a greater following each time it comes around. We are of course talking about National Apple Day!

Melting down over moving home?

With the best will in the world, it can be a stressful time. But there’s a golden lining – the experience actually improves your memory, according to researchers!

Disocover the best of Suffolk

Suffolk is unspoiled but you'll be spoiled for choice! See why Suffolk is the perfect spot for owning a UK holiday property. 

Discover the history of fireworks

While there will no doubt be an array of dazzling fireworks near our holiday lodges in Suffolk, the history of the firework couldn’t be further away from the UK. 

The Norfolk Story Book!

Have you ever wondered what a snap dragon, a mammoth and mustard all have in common? The answer is Norfolk!

Where to see seals in Norfolk

Spot seals on our very own Norfolk coastline, where you can see both Grey and Common seals throughout the year. 

National Trust sites in Suffolk

Dating back to pre-Roman times, Suffolk is home to some of the UKs most treasured National Trust sites. Below we have listed a few that are not to be missed.