Archaeologists find Anglo-Saxon settlement in Lincolnshire

The remains of an Anglo-Saxon settlement have been discovered in a Lincolnshire village. The significant find holds a large amount of different artefacts that provide information about what life was like in the Middle Saxon era.

Archaeologists from the University of Sheffield discovered the settlement in Little Carlton near Louth in Lincolnshire, from the initial discovery of a silver stylus by a metal detectorist.

Other artefacts found by the detectorist and archaeology students include other styli, which are writing tools that date back to the 8th century, dress pins, a large number of sceattas – coins from 7th and 8th centuries, butchered animal bone and Middle Saxon pottery.

Archaeologists who looked into the artefacts thought the site could have been a trading centre, as the items found suggest a high-status Saxon settlement. The students found a lot of information at the site which showed what life would have been like in the settlement and during that time. 

Alongside the archaeology dig, research went into the land where the items were discovered, and concluded the area used to rise above its lower surroundings, making it an island surrounded by water courses and a focal point in the Lincolnshire area.

Louth is close by to our caravan parks in Lincolnshire. The county of Lincolnshire has many historical sites to visit which are great for days out, from the castle and cathedral in Lincoln to stately country houses nestled in Lincolnshire countryside.