If you own a caravan or are thinking of buying one, we’ve got some top tips on how to decorate and furnish the place to make it a true home away from home and a place you look forward to spending time in.



A static caravan is a very cosy place, and usually much smaller than what you are used to at home! By putting up mirrors in the right place, it can make the space feel bigger and bring in extra light.


Not only do they keep the heat in, but they also they add a splash of colour to the place. If you choose a rug to match your curtains, they will complement each other and make it a more pleasant room to be in.

pictures or artwork

Your static caravan is a second home, and you can give it a personal touch. Put pictures up, ornaments and framed photos to make it feel special. A few pictures should do the trick as you don’t want the space to feel too cluttered; even more reason to take some snaps of you and your family enjoying your time away.


You want to have a great view from your caravan, yet you need some curtains to make it private too. Curtains are a great way of adding colour to the interior, and blackout blinds in the bedroom will help prevent the sun stopping your holiday lie in! By picking a colour theme for your soft furnishings, it can bring together the appearance of the room.

throws and pillows

There’s nothing like snuggling up in your caravan after a long day exploring. So why not make it even more comfortable with some soft throws to wrap yourself in and some scatter cushions for added comfort. 

wallpaper or paint

Static caravans can be a bit drab in the paint and wallpaper area, so the simple solution is to spruce it up with some fancy wallpaper and a fresh coat of paint in a colour of your choosing. The wall space to repaint won’t be very big, but it will make all the difference and doesn’t take too long to do.



Bathrooms are easily and affordably revamped. A quick change to a matching set of towels, bathmats and the shower curtain will freshen up the room and make it a more comfortable place to be in.

Games and DVD’s

Holidays and celebrations are the usual times when families get together and play good, old-fashioned board games. Fill a cupboard with some of the favourites for the next time you’re away and get the urge to play a game. DVD’s are also useful to keep in the caravan when there’s nothing to watch on TV, you’ll always have a classic to fall back on to make you feel at home.


If you are used to having music in the background at home, then make sure you have a music playing device while you’re away. It fills silences and picks up your mood when your favourite songs come on.


Lighting can change the mood and feel of a room. During the evenings, side lights can be beneficial when you’re trying to wind down and relax, they’re also great additions for the bookworms in the family.  


As you will be sleeping in the caravan, it is important for your beds to be comfortable. For added comfort, there is an easy memory-foam topper solution, and you could always invest in some luxury bed sheets! There is no price on a good night sleep and when you’re on holiday, your night’s rest should be as good as when you’re at home.


These are just some ideas you can do, as there are tonnes of other ways to make you static caravan the holiday home of your dreams. We have a fantastic range of caravans so you can start creating your idyllic holiday pad!


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