Whilst many piers across the UK remind us of a bygone era, Southwold Pier is bigger and better than ever, thriving with an abundance of things to see and do.

Located in the town of Southwold, Suffolk, the Pier is a great place to visit for all of the family, and is located just a short drive from our Lowestoft holiday park.

We have taken a look at eight facts about the Pier that you may not have known:

·         The original Pier was built in 1900, and was 810ft long.

·         It was built as a landing stage for the Belle steamships that travelled from London Bridge, as up until the 1930s, the majority of holidaymakers travelled by sea.

·         In 1934, the T-shape at the foot of the pier was washed away during a particularly violent storm. The timber buildings at the shoreward end were knocked down and replaced with a two-story pavilion, complete with amusement arcades and a concert hall.

·         When World War II broke out, a section of the Pier was removed due to fear of invasion. To add to this, a wayward sea mine hit the Pier in 1941, which destroyed another section. 1955 saw further damage, when another storm struck and washed away the end half.

·         1979 saw yet another storm hit (they didn’t have a lot of luck back then!) which reduced the length of the Pier to a mere 60ft!

·         The Pier was privately bought in 1987, and work to rebuild it was started in 1999. The work was complete in 2001 when it reached its current length of 623ft.

·         In 2002, the T-shape was re-added to the end of the Pier, giving it back that signature look! It was named Pier of the Year in the same year, is Britain’s only 21st Century Pier.

·         Tim Hunkin created the Water Clock found on the Pier, but also has a series of wacky machines and inventions which can be found in the Under the Pier Show. All hand built and totally bonkers, the machines can offer a laugh to everyone!

Anyone looking for a wonderful day out on the coast of Suffolk should definitely consider visiting Southwold Pier. With so much to do in one place, both inside and out, it is a great place to visit any time of the year!