Essex is a beautiful place, where countryside meets seaside! With a number of charming seaside towns just a stone’s throw away from our wonderful caravan park, anyone looking for static caravans for sale in a beautiful location should definitely consider Essex.

We have taken a look at some weird and wonderful facts about the county that you may not have known before:

The Oldest

Essex has a long and fruitful history, meaning it has the honour of being home to some of the oldest historical sites. For example, Colchester is the oldest recorded town, as it acted as the first Roman capital in Britain.

There are also a number of ancient structures across the county, with Greensted Church being the oldest wooden church in the world, being built in 1081 AD! The oldest timber-framed barn also calls Essex home, being located at Cressing Temple near Braintree. Barley Barn is absolutely massive, and was built by Knights Templar.

Greensted Church

Greensted Church


The first crocodile to be brought to the UK was thanks to a man from Essex! Richard Bradley had the giant reptile swimming around the lake of his home in Braintree in 1701. More recently, Danbury Common has been noted as having the largest Adder population in the UK, so may we suggest you look elsewhere for a picnic!


Iconic Scottish figure Robert the Bruce may have led Scotland into battle against England in the first War of Scottish Independence, but historians claim he might well have been an Essex boy. It is claimed he was born in 1274 at Montpelier’s Farm in Writtle, near Chelmsford. He is not the only historical figure with lineage from the county, as five previous US Presidents also have ties. George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush can all have their heritage traced back to Essex.

Honourable Mentions

·         Ashingdon is the sunniest place in the UK, so don’t forget your suncream when you visit!

·         The “Little Scarlet” strawberry grows in Essex, and is one of few places in the world where it does. It is the perfect variant of the fruit from which to make jam.

·         Since 1780, the mystery of Thomas Richman’s buried treasure has left many scratching their heads. It is supposed to be buried somewhere in the county, but has eluded treasure hunters for over 200 years!

With such a rich history, Essex is definitely a beautiful and exciting place to visit all year round! If you are looking to purchase a holiday property, or bring along your own caravan for a break, why not contact us today?

Photos courtesy of Lynda Poulter and Alias 0591, under Creative Commons