Are there many sights more beautiful than a summer sunset? – We don’t think so. Particularly during the months when the evening lasts a little longer, so you can sit out on a warm night and watch the sun sink into the sea as it leaves a beautiful glow in its shadow, it really is the perfect evening activity! So, if you are looking for some of the best sunset spots in Norfolk, you’re in luck! Here are five of our favourites: 

Old Hunstanton Beach

One of the most popular sunset spots in Norfolk has to be Old Hunstanton Beach, which is just a beautiful in the day as it is night. The fine golden sand provides a comfortable seat for you to perch upon to feel the full enjoyment of the sunset, unlike the pebbly main beach at Hunstanton. This area is also nicely sheltered, so immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this beautiful area whilst watching the sunset this summer.

Cromer Pier

You will never tire of the sight of this 112-year-old seaside attraction; Cromer Pier offers a perfectly picturesque location which is popular with those interested in photography as the composition sells itself. Take a wander around the Pavillion Theatre and enjoy the seaside charm that comes along with this lovely location as the sun sets over the sea. 


This English seaside town offers you a classic seaside experience where you will see the streets adorned with colourful bunting and beach huts. Even before the sunset, you can revel in the towns pure and innocent beauty as you stroll through the streets before setting up camp in a truly romantic spot with a cinematic setting.

How Hill

Situated within The Broads National Park, How Hill was once the home of a 1963 Olympic gold medallist, and is now an environmental learning area where you can take a tour through the water in the ‘Electric Eel’ boat, giving you the opportunity to and see a sight not accessible from anywhere else! A postcard-worthy site is the How Hill windmill at sunset, the backdrop and foreground make an idealistic holiday setting which will leave you in awe of the tranquil environment.

Wells Quay

Watch the boats bob along as the sun sets behind them at Wells Quay, situated only minutes away from fantastic shops and restaurants, this location is one not to miss, particularly when lit by the pink and red sunsets that are around in the summer months. Take a romantic walk through the Quay and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to another country without having to travel too far!

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