We are nearing the last days of summer here in the UK, but it there is still a little time for you to enjoy the wonderful warm months, so you really should make the most of it. Take a look at just five of the perfect picnic spots that you will find near our Norfolk holiday lodges, and take a family day trip out to enjoy the sunshine!

Ranworth Broad

Head to the Norfolk Broads for your picnic and experience Ranworth Broad, which is part of the Bure Marshes National Nature Reserve. You can take a peek into the Broads Wildlife Centre and see which precious creatures you can spot and have a mini education into some of Norfolk’s mini eco-systems, all while you gaze over the picturesque views that look out onto the water. This provides the kids with a real adventure, where you can take one of the trails to find your very own perfect spot to set up camp and relax.

Blickling Estate

Rumour has it that Blickling Estate was the birthplace of one of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne Boleyn! So if you are interested in history, this could certainly be the picnic spot for you. The National Trust estate offers around 950 acres of stunning woodland which you could spend all day exploring, take a look at the pretty little flowers situated in the gardens and see if you can stumble upon the lake!

Plantation Garden

Otherwise known as ‘The Secret Garden’, Plantation Garden was built in the late 19th century, and its fantastic features make for a very romantic spot. Within the gardens is a 57ft grand, awe-inspiring bridge, as you wander overtake a glance into the waters and see what is hidden beneath the surface! Other features within the garden include a gothic fountain and Italian terrace, all of which would make a wonderful picnic spot, just take your pick and give your partner a romantic experience where you’ll feel as if you’re in a film!

Coltishall Common

The small village of Coltishall has a beautiful green common, with vast areas of lush grass making a comfortable area for a picnic. The simple setting offers beautiful views of the River Bure, you can take a walk through the village and pop into some of the quaint shops along the way before settling down to relax with your lunch. The area is usually quite quiet, hidden away from the hustle and bustle, so gives you a great opportunity to fully switch off and unwind as you become at one with the local nature.

Eaton Park

Providing all you could need for a family day out, Eaton Park combines a mixture of history, beauty, and fun into one great park with a little something for everyone. This means you can turn your picnic into a day trip, where the kids can have a go in the playground, or try their hand at the skate park or sporting facilities if they are feeling a little more adventurous. There is even a boat pond if you fancy taking a little ride out on the water, where you can immerse yourself in the serene surroundings on the calm of the pond.