A Norfolk moth-trapper has discovered the first sighting of a Mediterranean moth species in the UK. The lepidopterist discovered the bright green moth in his father’s back garden.

Matthew Casey, a gardener, said he was thrilled to have recorded the national first. As it has never been seen before in the UK, the moth also has no English name, and Mr Casey was given the honour to name it himself. Given its bright green colour, he chose The Herb Emerald.

It is thought the species arrived to Norfolk in a delivery of herbs to a garden centre.

Mr Casey said: “It is a chance in a million. It has probably come over the sea from Sardinia, on a lorry across Europe and then over the North Sea on another lorry to the garden centre before it finds its way into my garden trap. It has had quite a journey.

“I have been doing this for the best part of six years and because I moth-trap every single day, I was bound to find something unusual eventually.”

The find has produced excitement within the mothing community, and another Herb Emerald has been seen in Gloucester.

Mr Casey said is passionate about moths because of the diversity of the species, and the information he has gathered can help their conservation. Norfolk is a fantastic place to find moths, and when you are staying at any of our Norfolk holiday parks you and the whole family can enjoy the wonderful wildlife, from insects to birds and animals.

Photo by: Linda Tanner