North Norfolk Railway that operates the heritage line in Norfolk will be introducing special dining cars for the new steam trains that will be returning to the mainline in Cromer this summer.

The first of the new services start on August 10 and will run between Sheringham, Cromer and Holt, not far from our holiday chalet parks in North Norfolk. Other services have been planned for other dates later in the year.

Travelling by steam train can be a lot of fun, and the slower pace of the trains gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy the scenery of the Norfolk countryside and coastal views. Fun for the whole family, the new dining service provided gives visitors a great way to spend their day.

The plan has been approved by former managing director of Network SouthEast Chris Green, who said: “I think the tourist impact of the dining trains will be great. I am very impressed by the North Norfolk Railway; it is most professional. You would need a much bigger population for the line to be commercially viable again, but having a connection to the national railway is a good compromise.”

In the last year, there has been work done to the railway route to Cromer in preparation for the steam train locomotives to be introduced.

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Photo by: Tagishsimon