Static caravans are a great holiday choice at any of our Tingdene Lifestyle Parks

An alternative to taking your caravan all across the UK finding the best holiday spot is investing in a static caravan that can be more convenient for everyone in the family.

First is to choose the best spot where you want the caravan to be, and Tingdene has a number of places along the East coast of England that boast gorgeous views, stunning beaches and great days out in the area that can be the perfect spot for caravan holidays.

Static caravans have fully fitted kitchens, two or three bedrooms, fully equipped bathrooms and heating, and are all set for you and the family to move in for a lovely holiday away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. With spacious rooms and additional features like TV, Wi-Fi, gas and electricity everything is included with no extra hassle.

Caravan sites can be found all across the UK so there is a wide choice of places to stay situated in the ideal place for exploring the surrounding area. You can choose the caravan by destination, time of year, size or whether the place will be a great spot for the kids. There will always be the chance for strolling along the beach, hiking across the countryside, enjoying a relaxing boat ride or taking the dog for some exploring wherever you go.

At the Tingdene Lifestyle Parks you can enjoy a caravan holiday along the coast and invest in the spirit of the local villages. In the parks you can take a splash in the pool or work out in the gym, and they are close to all the local restaurants and attractions. Take comfort in the tranquil settings and enjoy relaxing in your own caravan.

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Photo by: Tingdene