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Gracie Wright is an author from Southwold in Suffolk. Her range of 'Silly Eric' children's books so far have already been a great success, with support & endorsements from the likes of Prince Charles, Kate Middleton, Prince William, David Walliams, Claudia Winkleman and Tom Fletcher (McFly). Tingdene Lifestyle are proud to help support the launch of the latest book 'Silly Eric - Never Gives Up!' Watch the exclusive video about the book launch here...

Tingdene Lifestyle are always keen to support the local community. When we first heard about this author's story and background leading her up to her inspiration to writing this range of fantastic children's books and the message behind them we offered to help support this book launch with great alacrity. 

Gracie Wright lives in Southwold, Suffolk. When she was 11 years old she was hit by a car on the A12 by Wrentham. From that point on she lost all her identity in an instant. She woke up and couldn't remember who her parents were, couldn't read or write & almost felt like she was starting again with no previous memories to go by. As you can imagine this was an extremely traumatic event for her, her family and friends.

This journey for Gracie could easily be seen as a negative and desperate situation however she has turned this into a constructive, optimistic and in general positive outcome through her desire to never give up. This unwavering and unquestionable attitude to seek positivity in her life led her to becoming a children's author and creator of the character Silly Eric found in her range of books. 

Image: Behind the scenes of our exclusive interview with children's author Gracie Wright

Image: Behind the scenes of our exclusive interview with children's author Gracie Wright

''Gracie's story is a unique and overwhelming one, but one with a great deal of passion for never giving up in life which any of us especially children can empathise and relate to in every day life. With our business and product based around leisure time, families, children & grandchildren across our holiday park portfolio,Tingdene Lifestyle are pleased to help launch this outstanding book'' 

Benjamin Race - Group Marketing & Sales Manager Tingdene Lifestyle

Now only a few weeks away from the launch of her third book 'Silly Eric - Never Gives Up!' there is lots of hype about this launch by the media and TV alike. To find out why.... join Gracie for the book launch on Saturday 9th June at Lowestoft Library in Suffolk from 10am - 12pm.

There is a plethora of fun activities for the children involving all things Silly Eric and of course Gracie will be there reading the book and on hand to sign and copies!


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