We all deserve a holiday, but sometimes, the costs involved can put us off even considering going. With a few simple changes, you will be money savvy and enjoying a week away somewhere beautiful. Here is a handy guide to help you prepare and save before you go and while you are there, so you can prepare for the extras and return home happy with your bank balance. A budget shouldn’t be a restriction but a liberator, as you’ve planned and foreseen what you are likely to spend, you will relax and enjoy your experiences even more.

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Work out how much you’d like to spend

Before you start saving, write a list of all the costs you may occur, ensuring that you over predict the amount, so you will be pleasantly surprised when it comes in cheaper, and you won’t be out of pocket when the holiday is over. Consider the cost of fuel, accommodation, the activities you would like to do, how much you’ll typically be spending on food and eating out. Allow for ‘treat yourself’ moments, as of course, while you are away it’s nice to be indulgent and get yourself, or your loved ones something special.


How to save

Once you know roughly how much you’ll need for your holiday, you can start saving. This doesn’t need to be a tricky task, and with a few simple cutbacks, you will be well on your way to a rejuvenating staycation. We’ve got a few tips to help you in your preparation:


1.     Try for the three months before your holiday not to make any impulsive purchases, don’t tempt yourself by walking around the High Street or doing any online shopping. If there is something that you’d like, consider it for at least two weeks before you make the purchase. It’ll make what you do buy much more satisfying, and you are likely to have a lot less unnecessary items.

2.     It’s hard to resist the deals while you are food shopping, so make a list of the items that you will need for the week and stick to it, all the extras add up over time and could accumulate to a fantastic activity while you are on holiday!

3.     Rather than going out for meals with your friends, arrange a dinner party at your house, ask each guest to bring a dish and you will have a feast for many, with a lot less cooking involved too!

4.     Open an account for your holiday savings, that way, your accumulations will feel separate to your daily spending budget and your holiday will get that little bit closer.


How to watch the pennies while you are on your staycation


Souvenirs always seem a great idea at the time, a fridge magnet with a picture of the beach you spent the day at, or a couple of post cards, but when you get home, they usually stay in your holiday bag or in a couple of years’ time end up in the charity shop. No one ever said, ‘I really like that Lincoln tea towel,’ so try to resist these impulse purchases, save your money for something that you really want or that represents the memories of your time away. If you head to a paint your own pot, or you get a picture of you on a roller coaster at a theme park, these souvenirs are the sort of items you are likely to keep for your lifetime and are worth the money.


Picnics and packed lunches

If you have chosen to stay at one of our caravan parks in Lincoln, then self-catering is easily achieved and will save you a pretty penny while you are away too. Picnics and packed lunches have a real novelty factor, especially when you are dining alfresco somewhere new, treat yourself to some delicious sandwich fillings and tasty snacks for something to look forward to when lunchtime comes around.


Local restaurants

If you do choose to indulge yourself and go out for a meal, then choose a local and independent eatery, it’s likely that the food will be of a much higher standard and a more reasonable price too.



The buses and train services all over the UK provide a cheap and accessible mode of transport, and it also gives you the opportunity to take in the sights and travel through the landscape without having to keep your eyes on the road. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Tourist information

Tourist information have a wealth of knowledge about the area you are visiting and will usually give you an indication of hidden spots or less crowded areas to explore. They also will know about a range of events and activities that a free to enter or take part in. Some stately homes will have open days, with no charges, or there may be a music festival that is free to attend. Tourist information also have vouchers for visitors which give discounts or group booking prices.


Where will you be going on your staycation? We have a great choice of caravan parks in stunning locations that we know you will love!