After spending all year looking forward to that well-earned holiday, all you want is for your family to be truly happy, enjoying each other’s company and taking the time to relax, away from the stresses of daily life. The problem is that it is hard to guarantee this happening, due to the unexpected nature of life. Luckily, there are a few things you can do, which are scientifically proven, to help you have a happy retreat to our Suffolk holiday parks:

Build up the pre-holiday excitement

Do you remember as a child how happy you felt when your parents revealed your latest holiday plans? Well, re-live that feeling! Get the kids involved in a countdown calendar, then you can all create excitement together. Each week you could reveal a little extra detail of the holiday, such as the activities and attractions available nearby! Seeing the gleam in their eye is almost certain to fill your heart with warmth and happiness. The science behind this was revealed by Dutch researchers, who noted that the effects of positive anticipation for their trip away actually released more feel good hormones, which lasted longer post-trip than in those who hadn’t experienced that pre-holiday buzz. They also found that booking several shorter holidays throughout the year lead to increased happy-feelings with more to look forward to at different points of the year, so get booking your short break today to experience the enhanced holiday feeling!

Get outside and get happy

People are happier when they are outdoors – fact! Particularly when by the sea, the natural sunlight gives your body a boost of vitamin D, the salty water is good for your skin and greener areas grant you a supreme quality of air, all of which are said to reduce levels of depression. Getting outdoors is good for you, with the chance to take part in some light exercise, and really get in touch with all of the wonders that nature provides. Scientists say that just 20 minutes of exercise can improve your mood for up to 12 hours!

Seaside destinations are the nation’s favourite place to get outside revealed researchers, combining sun, sea, sand, wildlife and amusements all in one place to keep everyone satisfied! Why wouldn’t you be happy outside in this wonderful world?

Give and take inspiration through photographs

A study by the University of Southern California found that those who took photographs of their positive experiences experienced a greater sense of happiness afterwards. This form of looking back on the good days has been around for many moons, and with smart technology, it is getting easier to store, save and share your holiday snaps for future use. You should use it for the benefit of your own happiness too, whether flicking through them digitally or printing them for your very own holiday album, you’ll remember just how good it felt in the moment captured within the pixels! Looking at images of your holiday destination before it is due also helps to build on the anticipation mentioned earlier. Just think, soon you will be the one relaxing on the golden sands feeling completely stress-free!