Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has invested in technology that the billionaire entrepreneur claims can transport passengers between London and Scotland in just 45 minutes, as a result the way we travel to UK staycation resorts may significantly change in the near future. 

Sir Richard said: "After visiting Hyperloop One's test site in Nevada and meeting its leadership team this past summer, I am convinced this groundbreaking technology will change transportation as we know it and dramatically cut journey times.

"Virgin has been known for investing in and creating innovative companies over the years, and I look forward to making history together as we bring Hyperloop to the world as Virgin Hyperloop One."


The company has invested an undisclosed stake in Hyperloop One, now rebranded as Virgin Hyperloop One, an LA-based company that makes use of the revolutionary transport concept made famous by Elon Musk. Although Musk is not directly involved in the company, Hyperloop One is already ahead of the curve, having become the first company in the world to test a full-scale Hyperloop back in May on its 500m Development Loop (DevLoop) in Las Vegas. 


Hyperloop technology is based on the idea of using an electric motor to accelerate an electromagnetically levitated pod through a low-pressure tube, which could theoretically reach speeds of up to 670mph with no turbulence. The fastest recorded speed using Hyperloop so far is 220mph.

Benjamin Race Group Sales & Marketing for Tingdene Lifestyle said 'It is an exciting and poignant change for the world of travel in the UK, very much to the times of the first motorways being built and accessibility of the car in post war Britain. Consumers living in Scotland could own a holiday property or even take a UK staycation in Suffolk as an example would be possible with greatly reduced journey times'