Hickling Broad

The Broads Authority project is underway to create new reed islands and restore reed beds at the Hickling Broad.

Material is to be dredged up from the bottom to be used in the construction of islands and reed beds and restoring banks. This work aims to help maintain the water access to the boatyard and sailing club as well as the pub.

Andrea Kelly, a senior ecologist with the Broads Authority has said about the project that it will be a “Win-win for wetland wildlife and the people who enjoy it, as well as the businesses around the River Thurne area of the Broads.”

The regrowth of reed and restoring the banks will be crucial for the birds nesting, as it will prevent disturbance from any boats passing. The wetlands are a stop-over site for thousands of water birds around the world, such as teal, tufted duck, widgeon and gadwall, who come during the winter to the Broads. Many of the birds fly in from Iceland, Scandinavia and Siberia.

The development project will not only help restore the wildlife in the Hickling Broad, but also bring in more tourism for the wetlands of Norfolk - the perfect way to see native and foreign wetland birds. Caravan holidays in Norfolk could rise in popularity alongside a growth in attractions to the area. 

Photo by John Fielding