A recent list revealed by Green Tourism named The Broads National Park in Norfolk and Suffolk in the top 100 greenest destinations across the world. Out of the 100 destinations named, only four of those were in the UK, and the Broads was one of them!

Those granted this prestigious award have worked hard to preserve the local history, and ensure that the precious local wildlife and habitat is looked after, as well as continually working towards new sustainable, green developments. This is done both through engaging in green business practices as well as engaging the community to offer a helping hand to making the surrounding area a better place for the residents, visitors and wildlife.

“The impact of practicing sustainable initiatives has been proven to generate greater economic benefits for the business, local communities and provides a more enjoyable experience for tourists by creating meaningful connections with local people. The Broads are an excellent example of how commitment to sustainable tourism can have huge positive impacts and we are delighted that the destination has been recognised in this way,” added the Green Tourism managing director, Andrea Nicholas.

The Broads National Park is known internationally as a beautiful area, with an incredible amount of rare wildlife in one thriving location. A status of this level requires a whole lot of hard work and conservational efforts to keep the area at its best, and everyone in and around the area are now reaping the benefits being recognised for such a worthy award.

“We have worked with the world leading Green Tourism programme for over twelve years and the support, advice and knowledge it provides has definitely helped us engage with businesses and visitors which has contributed to improving the overall sustainability of the destination,” commented the tourism officer at the Broads Authority, Bruce Hanson.

So why not take a trip to the Broads today and see the results of their amazing efforts to create one of the greenest holiday destinations in the world? Stay at our Norfolk or Suffolk holiday lodges and you will be in a great location to explore the green destination and revel in the wonders of the great outdoors!