Beer lovers who attended the popular 3-day Maris Otter 50 beer festival in Norwich in September have revealed their favourite from the event, local fruit beer Redcracker.

The beer, which was brewed especially for the festival by Woodforde’s, was a hit with the festival-goers, and was praised for its unique fruit infusion and use of local ingredients. Among the ingredients are Norfolk raspberries and Maris Otter barley, which is often regarded as being the best brewing barley in the world.

Maris Otter 50 brought together 50 new beers from around the world, and was held to raise awareness of the acclaimed barley variety in its 50th year of harvest.

According to festival organiser David Holliday, the Redcracker “certainly created a buzz on the festival floor, and not only was it voted as the best beer it was also the fastest selling beer at the festival”.

The managing director of Woodforde’s, Rupert Farquharson, said: “The brewing team strive for excellence in every pint, so this award is great testament to their passion and creativity.”

Redcracker was produced purely as a limited edition beer in cask for the festival, though a small quantity has also been bottled. While stocks still last, the few remaining bottles can still be purchased from the brewery’s shop in Woodbastwick. If you’re planning on staying at one of our holiday homes in Norfolk, why not stock up and enjoy a local treat?

Image: Quinn Dombrowski, available under Creative Commons