Going on holiday as a couple, especially if it is your first time, can be a new and exciting experience for both of you. But, it also comes with plenty of challenges and an array of new things to consider. To make your holiday and the preparation beforehand as relaxing as possible, we’ve put together these recommendations of what you may want to consider for your romantic get-away.

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Understand the Strengths Each of You Have

Planning a holiday can be stressful, but like most groups, everyone brings a different skill and expertise along with them. Understanding your partner’s capabilities and what they are good at can assist you during the organisation stage of your holiday. If your partner enjoys looking at restaurant recommendations and finding a great place to eat, then let them organise that, or, they may be more comfortable choosing the accommodation so that task can be assigned to them.



Research on the area you are visiting is key to a successful holiday. Having some idea of the location you’re staying, the nearby restaurants, places to go for a walk etc. will allow you to be more impulsive with your days. 


Holiday Itinerary

An itinerary doesn’t need to be strict, but it is great to have a few day trips in mind for your time away so that you don’t get flustered looking for something to do on the day. If neither of you are feeling too imaginative about how you would like to spend your time, it’s great to have a pre-agreed backup plan. 



Let your partner show you what they enjoy, that way you’ll get to experience something you never thought you would have and your partner is happy doing what they love and showing you why they love it. This is a chance to get to know each other better, as you will be learning about their interests, preferences and the things they enjoy most.


Alone Time

Whether that’s going out to grab a few items off the shopping list that you missed when you went earlier in the day or taking a stroll to find a coffee. Alone time is necessary for everyone and will allow you to feel more refreshed and appreciative when you return to your partner. If you’re normally quite independent people, this space is even more vital, to ensure your holiday stays on happy terms and neither of you gets stressed.


Local Recommendations

Although the romantic destinations near our beach view holiday park are stunning and there is a good reason they are regularly visited by couples looking for their fairy-tale day, there are plenty of unsung attractions and beautiful locations that are on the top of the list for residents and visitors to the area. Spend some time searching for the locations the locals go to.  



What you spend and who spends what depends entirely on the couple in question. Work out something that works for both of you and try not to put too much pressure on one another. Discuss your spending allowances before you set off so that you are both aware of the limits and each other’s expectations of how much you would like to spend. The last thing you want when you get back from holiday, is a big credit card bill, be sure to indulge yourselves within your limits, so that you aren’t regretting your purchases by the time you get home and back to work.


Finally, Do What You Want

Your itinerary doesn’t need to be set in stone, and if you’re are a little more relaxed with it and do what you feel like doing on the day, it’s highly likely you will have a much better time. If you had planned to go the museum one day, but when you wake up, you’d prefer to go out for lunch and then to the cinema, that’s okay, you’re on holiday. It’s the perfect time to truly relax and do exactly as you please.


What will you be planning for your romantic holiday? We would love to hear what you are thinking of getting up to via our social media channels!