Hoping to be “much more than a beer festival”, start-up events company Beer & Co will be hosting their first ever beer festival, the Saints Beer Festival, by the Ipswich waterfront on August 19 and 20.

Taking place across the two days from midday right through to 11pm, the event will be taking place at St Peters, with the independent traders of the nearby St Peters and St Nicholas streets also taking part. If you love your local food and drink, this is the perfect event to visit during your holidays in Suffolk.

Owner of Beer & Co and the festival’s founder, Greg Cooper, said: “We have actually called it Saints Beer Festival, not only because it is being held at St. Peters, but because of the amazing backing that we have received from the independent traders along St. Peters and St. Nicholas streets.”

The goal of Greg Cooper as well as co-owner Marc Titford is to create a beer festival which will keep both first-time visitors and beer and ale connoisseurs alike happy, with variety being the key. They said: “We set about creating a beer festival that we and friends would be excited about. I think we have achieved this and are sure that the rest of Suffolk will love it too. We can’t wait for it to start.”

Among the range of local food and drink on offer visitors will be able to try are ciders, cask ales, beers, specialist wines and street food.